The film „I want (no) reality. Needcompany on Life and Art” by Ana Brzezińska has been awarded with Centre du Film sur l’Art Prize at the 13th Festival du Film sur l’Art that ended last week in Brussels.

13th edition of Festival du Film sur l’Art ended in Brussels on October 20th. Jury formed by Sarah Pialeprat, Isabelle Molhant and Michel Assenmake has decided to award „I want (no) reality. Needcompany on Life and Art” by Ana Brzezińska with Centre du Film sur l’Art Prize. They have appreciated “its jouyful way of telling a story of a real passion and its way of perceiving art as a necessity”.

„I Want (No) Reality. Needcompany on Life and Art” is a personal story from a young Polish filmmaker Ana Brzezińska about the necessity of art, the price you have to pay for it & the search for the long forgotten secret of having a good life. A sensual and entertaining glimpse at a 5-year relationship of the director with a unique international theater ensemble Needcompany – a group of people dedicated to following their own vision of reality & willing to take all the risks and consequences it’s going to take. Their story dates back to 1980s when in Belgium, a country embodying the very idea of European integration and yet being torn by its own internal divisions, a visual artist Jan Lauwers decided to create a non-commercial theater company. His sought a way to tell stories that one cannot tell alone, and a form which was not meant for sale. Together with a choreographer Grace Ellen Barkey he managed to create an international, multicultural creative melting pot. Today, Needcompany is one of the most popular & groundbreaking companies in Europe, defining new standards in theater and performative arts. We believe that there is a reason behind their success, perhaps more important than mere artistic efficiency. We share the belief that without love, trust and courage to face the unknown, every human activity becomes vain.

More information about the festival can be found at its website.