„Chemo” and „”Królik po Berlińsku” (“Rabbit a la Berlin”) nomianted for Prix Europe

The main award winners of the latest Krakow Film Festival, documentaries by Paweł Łoziński and Bartek Konopka, are fighting for the Prix Europe award.


From 17 to 20 October, Prix Europa festival takes place in Berlin. During the event, the best radio, television and internet programmes will be selected.  “Chemo” by Paweł Łoziński and “Rabbit a la Berlin” by Bartek Konopka, together with 40 other films, are nominated in the “TV Documentary” category.

Łoziński’s film tells about an oncology clinic, where the patients receive portions of “chemo”. Their faces are shown in close-ups. They lie in pairs and talk. We listen to their fascinating conversations. Life, seen from the distance of the hospital bed, reveals its value, sense and charm.

The review of “Chemo” by Tadeusz Sobolewski can be read here, while the interview with the director is on the Stopklatka website.

Konopka’s documentary is an extraordinary story of the Berlin Wall, seen from the perspective of rabbits living there. In 1961 the animals were imprisoned in the green belt separating East and West Berlin. They remained there to the destruction of the wall in 1989, taking part in subsequent historical events. In this way, Berlin rabbits shared their fate with East Germans who lived uncertain lives under the control of communist regime, isolated from the world.

Interview with the director of this film, fighting for Oscar nomination, can be read here.

More information about Prix Europe competition and the rest of nominees can be found here.