The animated film by Piotr Chmielewski was noticed at the recently concluded Stoptrik festival. The film received a special mention.

Stoptrik is an international stop-motion animation festival which was established in Maribor, a squatting centre of alternative culture in 2011. In 2012 the festival’s formula was broadened by including a two-stage, professional stop motion animation workshop and an international competition for animated shorts.

Crab is an attempt to adopt the perspective of the titular crustacean and discover the worlds it inhabits through its eyes and ears. Animals are mute witnesses of our history; they have accompanied us during humanity’s greatest failures and triumphs. Their lives run parallel to ours – we eat them, use them as tools, and sometimes we simply don’t notice them. But what would happen if we tried to adopt their perspective? What do the events that we all know from history lessons look like when seen through the eyes of animals?

A list of all winners can be found here.