December means that festivals are slowly leaving on the winter break. Nevertheless, there still will be a chance to see Polish documentaries at international festivals; and in Colombia and China two big programmes devoted to Polish productions will be presented.

Already in November the 8th China International New Media Short Film Festival has started, at which the audience can see „If I Only Were a Spider” directed by Katarzyna Warzecha, Alex Casianov and Martyna Majewska. However, it is not yet the end of Polish documentary presence in China this month. From December 11th during the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival over 30 Polish productions will be presented: six in the competition and the rest in the special Focus on Poland programme, which will consists of Marcel Łoziński’s, Bogdan Dziworski’s, Wojciech Staroń's and Marcin Koszałka's retrospectives. More information about the event is available here.

Also in November French Festival Tous Courts has started. In France we will see ”Last Season” by Sławomir Witek. On the same day Festival Inclús, to which ”Two Worlds” by Maciej Adamek was invited, has begun in Spain. And it is not the end of festival screenings for this documentary this month: ”Two Worlds” can be seen also, among others, at the Cinema Crianza Children Film Festival in Spain and the Bi-Bak Film Festival in Berlin.

December will start with the Poitres Film Festival in France, during which we will see ”Daniel” by Anastazja Dąbrowska, and the next day in Greece the Olympia International Film Festival will show ”Volte” by Monika Kotecka and Karolina Poryzała. In the meantime in India the New Delhi International Film Festival will host a screening of ”A Brave Bunch. Children of Warsaw Uprising” by Tomasz Stankiewicz, and in Iran the audience will see ”Collection” by Marcin Polar. ”Polonaise” by Agnieszka Elbanowska will be shown in December at the South Pole at the 9th Antarctic Short, Documentary and Animation Film Festival.

The big programme presenting Polish documentaries will also be presented in December in Colombia. At the Bogoshorts Festival we will see films made by Polish documentary masters as well as recent documentaries that have received various awards at film festivals and short films that were invited to the competition. All the details of Polish presence at Bogoshorts are available here.

The up-to-date list of the festival screenings is available in the ”Festivals” section on our website.