For festivals, January is the month of hibernation. In spite of this, there are some places abroad, where you can see Polish documentary films - check out, which ones.

The first screening of a Polish documentary film this year is held in Portugal, at Montanha Pico Festival where the viewers will see “The Place” by Julia Popławska. A couple of days later, in Australia, at Flickerfest International Short Film Festival, the short film “Close Ties” by Zofia Kowalewska will be shown. This documentary film will also participate in the competition at one of the most important independent film festivals: Sundance in the USA. Also in the first week of January, Jaipur International Film Festival starts in India, where the following film is invited to the competition: the documentary film “A Brave Bunch. Children of Warsaw Uprising” by Tomasz Stankiewicz.

In the second half of the month, as many as five Polish films will appear in Finland at the festival DocPoint Helsinki: “Alisa in Warland” by Alisa Kovalenko and Lubova Durakova, “You Have No Idea How Much I Love You” by Paweł Łoziński, “21 x New York” by Piotr Stasik, “Icon” by Wojciech Kasperski and “Close Ties.”

A strong representation of Polish films will be also present at the festival MiradasDocs in Tenerife. There, the audience will watch films such as: “A Documentary Film” by Marcin Podolec, “Brothers” by Wojciech Staroń, “Paradise on Earth” by Cecylia Malik, “Second Life” by Eugeniusz Pankov, “Three Conversations on Life” by Julia Staniszewska, “Springs have gone, winters are coming” by Karol Pałka, “Football Brothers” by Marcin Filipowicz, “End of the World” by Monika Pawluczuk, “Close Ties” and “Piano” by Vita Maria Drygas. The last of the aforementioned films will also appear at the festival See You Sound in Italy.

The full list of festival screenings is available here.