The end of November is a good time for the short documentary by Piotr Sułkowski, entitled "The Conversation." This week, the film won its second award.

In the Exground festival in German Wiesbaden competition, two Polish films met – apart from the aforementioned "The Conversation" also "Noise" by Przemysław Adamski. However, these were not the only Polish features in the programme. In the special programme "Polish Shorts Allround," organized by Poznan Ad Arte Foundation, there were six films, among others: "Everything in its right place" by Filip Lisowski, "To war we go" by Krzysztof Kasior and "I’m looking for someone" by Janusz Kojro.

On 25 November, the last day of the festival, we were given the names of the award-winners – among them, there was "The Conversation" by Piotr Sułkowski, awarded by the jury as the best film in On Video competition.

"The Conversation" tells the story of two prisoners – Janusz is doing life. Agnieszka was sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment. They get acquainted with each other eight years ago, writing letters. Until the film was made, they had never seen each other before.

The film is the third-year’s production by Piotr Sułkowski – the student of the Polish National Film School  in Łódź.

It is the third November award for the film by Sułkowski, given at a festival abroad. "The Conversation" was awarded in Minsk at the "Listapad" festival and this Tuesday at Etiuda and Anima in Krakow.

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