Last weekend has ended with two prizes for Marcin Koszalka and his documentary "Declaration of immortality". The film was awarded at two international festivals: in Austrian Graz and Italian Bolzano.

At the 23rd International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival in Graz, Austria “Declaration of immortality” was given the “Kamera Alpin in Gold” Award, while at the 43rd Bolzano Short Film Festival, Italy, Marcin Koszałka film’s won BLS – Special Jury Award in the Global Vision competition ‘for its ability to reveal the lights and shadows of an apparently impenetrable character’.

In his film Marcin Koszałka returns to a forgotten genre, namely a mountain film. The protagonist of his story is Piotr “Mad” Korczak, somewhere in the background there is his rival Andrzej Marcisz. The director focuses on the decline of the career of the great master, provoking his reflection on his future life, when he will no longer be able to climb mountains. It’s a moving story about inability to come to terms with old age and about desire of immortality.

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