Once again, Polish documentary film can boast a success at the East Silver Market, accompanying the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava. "Dust" by Jakub Radej won the Silver Eye award there.

The Silver Eye awards are given since 2009 – they are the awards for the best documentary films participating in the East Silver Market. The Silver Eye is an award given to the producer, and not the film's director. The award is intended to support the promotion and international distribution of the film.

The films participating in the market are divided into three categories: short, middle-length and feature-length. This year, seven Polish documentary films were nominated for the Silver Eye awards: The Main Award in the short-length documentary film went to the film "Dust" by Jakub Radej.

Jury statment:

While there was a fine selection of films in the competition, Dust stood out as a careful and considered documentary. We admired Dust for its detachment of emotion, its conceptual approach to the subject of death, and for its beautiful cinematography and polished editing.

You can read more about the Silver Eye awards here.