“Horizon Award” at the 24fps Festival in Texas is yet another award for the short feature film by Magnus von Horn, made by The Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź.

24fps International Short Film Festiwal in Texas has been attracting since 1999 primarily independent filmmakers and film school students, presenting the films by the authors making their first steps in the world of filmmaking. The festival’s benevolence towards the young filmmakers is emphasized by the fact that, apart from the main competition programme, there is also a special competition for people aged 13-18.


During this year’s edition of 24fps festival, over 20 films competed for the highest awards the main programme. Among the winners, announced on the last day of the events, there is the short feature film “The Echo” by Magnus von Horn, who got the Horizon Award. It is yet another award for the etude from the Lodz Film School this year. The film “The Echo” has won, among others, the main award of the jury at the Alpinale Shortfilmfestival in Nenzing, Austria, and at 2ANNAS International Short Film Festiwal in Latvia, as well as the Grand Prix at the Festival du Cinéma Européen en Essonne in France.


“The Echo” is a story of two teenage boys who brutally murder their friend and, within the frames of the investigation, reconstruct the past events under the supervision of the police psychologist. The viewer witnesses not only the attempts at reconstructing the crime, but also the slow process of the boys’ becoming aware of the gravity of their offense and the strong emotions that torment the protagonists.


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