Airborne is a surreal animation that connects the world of flying machines with the kingdom of flora and fauna. Engrossed in the fight, pilot loses his target which leads to tragedy. The plane crashes into the crown of a tree. The tragedy that seems to be the end opens a new stage in history. In the place of the accident, a new life is awakened and now it has to solve the mystery of its origin. Airborne is a story about passion, its roots and tells us what we have to lose to be born again.

  • Genre: Animated
  • Country: Poland
  • Running time: 8
  • Year: 2021
  • Color: kolorowy

Director: Andrzej Jobczyk

Script: Andrzej Jobczyk

Music: Jakub Słomkowski, Rafał Smoliński

Editing: Nikodem Chabior

Sound: Michał Fojcik

Production company: Letko


About the director:

Andrzej Jobczyk

Andrzej Jobczyk

Born in 1985. He grew up in a small town in eastern Poland – Chodów. As a son of  an artist and a gardener, he was raised around art and nature. He started his artistic education in an art high school in Lublin where he was focused on drawing, painting and wood carving. Then he became interested in photography and animation. In 2006 he began his studies at National Film School in Łódź. In his works he combines biology, exact sciences and minimalist surrealism.


2008 – Wywijas (“Inside out”)

2009 – Superstruna (“The string”)

2013 – Enigma (“Enigma”)

At festivals:

44th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France, 2022 (competition)

41st ANIMA Brussels International Animation Film Festival, Belgium, 2022 (competition)

26th REGARD - Festival international du court métrage au Saguenay, Canada, 2022 (competition)

25th Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium, 2022 (competition)

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022, Japan, 2022 (Best Short Award of Animation Competition)

Festival Le Plein de Super, France, 2022 (screening)

MoliseCinema Film Festival 2022, Italy, 2022 (competition)

21st DokuFest International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Kosovo, 2022 (competition)

33rd Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil, 2022 (10 favorites foreign films - Audience Prize)

7th Supernova Digital Animation Festival, USA, 2022 (competition)

13th ONE Country ONE Film International Festival, France, 2022 (competition)

Galician Freaky Film Festival 2022, Spain, 2022 (competition)

18th Annual Rennes International Fantastic Short Film Festival, Court Métrange, France, 2022 (competition)

War on Screen - Festival International de Cinéma, France, 2022 (Jury Award)

Animatou Geneva Animation Film Festival, Switzerland, 2022 (competition)

Kaohsiung Film Festival 2022, Taiwan, 2022 (competition)

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Japon, 2022 (screening)

48th edition of the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, Spain, 2022 (Venus of Badalona for Best Animation Film)

Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2022, Sweden, 2022 (competition)

Spark Animation Festival 2022, Canada, 2022 (Special Mention Artistic Vision)

46th International Animated Film Festival Cinanima, Portugal, 2022 (screening)

15th Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione, Italy, 2022 (Winner of the "Green Animation" Category)

Manchester Animation Festival 2022, United Kingdom, 2022 (competition)

Shorts Not Pants FIlm Festival 2022, Canada, 2022 (competition)

8th Longue Vue sur le Court Festival, Canada, 2022 (competition)

LIAF London International Animation Festiva, United Kingdom, 2022 (competition)

Animateka International Animated Film Festival 2022, Slovenia, 2022 (competition)

40th International Festival Tous Courts Aix-en-Provence, France, 2022 (competition)

5th International Amity Short Film Festival, Turkey, 2022 (screening)

22nd MONSTRA - Lisboa Animation Festival, Portugal, 2023 (competition)

14th Roanne Animation Short Film Festival – Ciné court animé, France, 2023 (competition)

26th Sonoma International Film Festival, USA, 2023 (competition)

24th Festival International MUSIC & CINEMA Marseille, France, 2023 (screening)

39th European Film Festival of Lille, France, 2023 (competition)

Europe in Shorts Festival 2023, United Kingdom, 2023 (screening)

26th Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium, 2023 (screening)

AniMate 2023, Australia, 2023 (screening)

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2023, Australia, 2023 (competition)

Europe in Shorts Festival 2023, United Kingdom, 2023 (screening)

Animatricks International Animation Festival 2023, Finland, 2023 (competition)

European Union Short Film Festival 2023, Canada, 2023 (screening)

Euganea Film Festival 2023, Italy, 2023 (competition)

New Zealand International Film Festival 2023, New Zealand, 2023 (competition)

Animist Tallinn 2023, Estonia, 2023 (competition)

Animasyros International Animation Festival 2023, Greece, 2023 (competition)

ANIMA, Cordoba International Animation Festival, Argentina, 2023 (competition)

Pigeon International Film Festival 2023, Iceland, 2023 (competition)

Festival Foutez-nous la paix 2023, France, 2023 (screening)

Banjaluka 2023 International Animated Film Festival, Bosnia & Hercegovina, 2023 (screening)

Tbilisi 6th International Animation Festival, Georgia, 2023 (Human and Nature / Green Vision Special Mention)

8th Curtaneu Short Film Festival, Spain, 2023 (competition)

28th Canberra Short Film Festival, Australia, 2023 (competition)

22nd Magma – Mostra di Cinema Breve, Italy, 2023 (competition)

Future Film Festival Bologna 2023, Italy, 2023 (competition)

Pixel Vienna Festival 2023, Austria, 2023 (competition)

Kettupäivät Film Festival 2023, Finland, 2023 (screening)

Kettupäivät Film Festival 2023, Finland, 2023 (screening)

Les nuits magiques - Festival international du film d'animation, France, 2023 (competition)

13th Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran, 2024 (competition)