If you are being bothered by intrusive thoughts, such as: How many plastic bags are optimal for packing one banana? What ensures victory in the skeleton competition? Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? or Should I shower with my socks on?  Will I face any consequences? – then – that’s great! “Headprickles” will give you an answer to at least one of these questions. The film consists of over a dozen animated enigrams connected by the motif of being trapped in a loop of absurdity. In visually colorful labyrinth of observations, the protagonists try to make sense of nonsense – or they stay mindlessly in it. “Headprickles” probably won’t change the world, will not cause a shock or a revolution, but – maybe – it will make audience’s heads a little itchy during the projection?

  • Genre: Animated
  • Country: Poland
  • Running time: 8
  • Year: 2022
  • Color: colour

Director: Katarzyna Miechowicz

Script: Katarzyna Miechowicz

Music: Katarzyna Miechowicz

Editing: Piotr Baryła

Sound: Piotr Baryła

Production company: Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna


About the director:

Katarzyna Miechowicz

Katarzyna Miechowicz

Born in Rzeszów, Poland in 1995. Graduate of Film Animation and Special Effects Department at the Polish National Film School in Lodz.


“Herbarium” (2016)

“The Amazing Adventures of Not So Special People From Outer Space” (2018)

“Best Animal Videos [WATCH NOW]” (2019)

“Crumbs of Life” (2020).

At festivals:

Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada, 2022 (screening)

20th Tirana International Film Festival 2022, Albania, 2022 (competition)

17th Animest – Bucharest International Animation Film Festival, Romania, 2022 (competition)

38th Warsaw Film Festival, Poland, 2022 (screening)

65th International Festival of Documentary and Animated Film DOK Leipzig, Germany, 2022 (screening)

8th Bit Bang Animation, Videogames and Digital Arts Festival, Argentina, 2022 (competition)

46th International Animated Film Festival Cinanima, Portugal, 2022 (competition)

26th Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland, 2022 (competition)

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Festival 2023, Austria, 2023 (Special Mention)

Vilnius International Film Festival Kino Pavasaris, Lithuania, 2023 (competition)

22nd MONSTRA - Lisboa Animation Festival, Portugal, 2023 (competition)

16th Glasgow Short Film Festival, United Kingdom, 2023 (screening)

35 FILMFEST DRESDEN International Short Film Festival, Germany, 2023 (competition)

26th Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium, 2023 (screening)

30th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), Germany, 2023 (competition)

ANIFILM 2023 - International Festival of Animated Films, Czech Republic, 2023 (competition)

Flatpack Festival 2023, United Kindgom, 2023 (competition)

Animatricks International Animation Festival 2023, Finland, 2023 (competition)

Rooftop Films, USA, 2023, 2023 (competition)

63. Zlín Film Festival, Czech Republic, 2023 (competition)

20th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria, 2023 (competition)

38th Valencia International Film Festival - Cinema Jove, Spain, 2023 (competition)

Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2023, Slovakia, 2023 (competition)

26th Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico, 2023 (Best Short Animation)

19th Lago Film Fest - International Festival of Independent Cinema, Italy, 2023 (competition)

18th SHORTS MÉXICO - Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de México, Mexico, 2023 (competition)

12th Quebec City Film Festival 2023, Canada, 2023 (competition)

Galician Freaky Film Festival 2023, Spain, 2023 (competition)

29th Encounters Festival, United Kingdom, 2023 (competition)

20th European Animated Film Festival Balkanima, Serbia, 2023 (competition)

23. Un Festival C’est Trop Court 2023, France, 2023 (competition)

Primanima World Festival of First Animations 2023, Hungary, 2023 (competition)

64th International Film Festival BRNO16, Czech Republic, 2023 (competition)

Canlandıranlar Film Festival 2023, Turkey, 2023 (competition)

15th Annual DTLA Film Festival, USA, 2023 (Best Animation Short)

ALCINE 52 - Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Spain, 2023 (competition)

2023 PÖFF Shorts, Estonia, 2023 (competition)

IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2023, The Netherlands, 2023 (competition)

L'Alternativa 2023, the 30th Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain, 2023 (competition)

18th Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market, Japan, 2023 (competition)

Animateka 2023 International Animation Festival, Slovenia, 2023 (competition)

35th Aguilar Film Festival, Spain, 2023 (competition)

LISFF Wiz-Art 2023, Ukraine, 2023 (competition)

LISFF Wiz-Art 2023, Ukraine, 2023 (competition)

36th Premiers Plans Film Festival, France, 2024 (competition)

36th Premiers Plans Film Festival, France, 2024 (competition)

30th International Short Film Week Regensburg 2024, Germany, 2024 (competition)