The reality presented in the film “Oh God” might be described using such terms as inertia or chaos. The characters feature lack of willingness to take any action,they are passive and indifferent, unable to create their own reality. The author presents a world that loses its original shapes, loses its identity. Groaning “oh God” as a main theme combines it all: grimace, sigh and a quiet whisper of despair over our own impotence.

  • Genre: Animated
  • Country: Polska
  • Running time: 3
  • Year: 2017
  • Color: kolorowy

Director: Betina Bożek

Script: Betina Bożek

Editing: Betina Bożek

Production company: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Pracownia Filmu Animowanego


About the director:

Betina Bożek

Betina Bożek

Betina Bożek is an animated film director and illustrator. She completed her studies with a diploma specializing in animation. She has created several animated films that have been appreciated all over the world (Oh God, The Land of Whim). She is a winner of international competitions, artistic scholarships, and film festivals.


„Oh God” – 2017

„The Land of Whim” – 2019

At festivals:

Anifilm 2018, The Czech Republic, 2018 (competition)

64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, 2018 (competition)

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Austria, 2018 (competition)

World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb 2018, Croatia, 2018 (competition)

Sydney Film Festival 2018, Australia, 2018 (screening)

Annecy 2018 International Animation Film Festival, France, 2018 (competition)

Melbourne International Animation Festival 2018, Australia, 2018 (competition)

11th Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Slovakia, 2018 (competition)

16th Tabor Film Festival - International Short Film Festival, Croatia, 2018 (competition)

International Film Festival Tonneins 2018, France, 2018 (competition)

21st Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico, 2018 (screening)

Animation NOW! New Zealand International Film Festival 2018, New Zealand, 2018 (competition)

20th Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival (FESTCURTASBH), Brazil, 2018 (competition)

Quebec City Film Festival, Canada, 2018 (competition)

Message to Man IFF, Russia, 2018 (Best Short Animation)

BFI London FF, UK, 2018 (competition)

38th Cambridge Film Festival, The United Kingdom, 2018 (competition)

20th Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Germany, 2018 (competition)

32nd Leeds International Film Festival, The United Kingdom, 2018 (competition)

2018 PÖFF Shorts, Estonia, 2018 (competition)

11th ANIMASIVO - Contemporary Animation Festival of Mexico City, Mexico, 2018 (competition)

15th Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Slovenia, 2018 (competition)

16th London Short Film Festival 2019, The United Kingdom, 2019 (competition)

12th Glasgow Short Film Festival, UK, 2019 (screening)

Tricky Women/Tricky Realities Festival 2019, Austria, 2019 (screening)

31st Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 2019 (Golden Horseman Sound Design)

27th Curtas Vila do Conde Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2019 (screening)

Quebec City Film Festival 2019, Canada, 2019 (screening)

8th Primanima World Festival of First Animations 2019, Hungary, 2019 (competition)

23rd International Encounters Traverse, France, 2020 (competition)

Short Film Biennale Vicenza 2021, Italy, 2021 (screening)

Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2023, Slovakia, 2023 (screening)

36.FILMFEST DRESDEN, Germany, 2024 (screening)