How much would you sacrifice to experience transcendence, to go beyond the body? Members of a legendary theatre group, in continuing the explorations of Jerzy Grotowski, give up everything for artistic research. Suspended between fascination and fear, they seek to transgress their own limits. The group resembles a miniature society with all its inherent faults, especially as it falls apart.

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Poland
  • Running time: 88
  • Year: 2023
  • Color: colour

Director: Aniela Gabryel

Script: Aniela Gabryel

DOP: Zuza Kernbach

Editing: Anna Garncarczyk

Sound: Anna Rok, Nicolas de la Vega

Production company: Koi Studio

About the director:

Aniela Gabryel

Aniela Gabryel

Film director, writer, a graduate of Film Directing at Polish National Film School in Lodz and of Theatre studies at Jagiellonian University. Her short films have been screened and awarded at numerous festivals in Poland and around the world. Her full-length documentary debut When Will This Wind Stop was screened and recognized at many film festivals, including an award at IDFA in 2016. Currently she is finishing her feature fiction debut and starting to work on new film projects.


2023 – Different paths to holiness

2023 – Radical Move

2016 – When Will This Wind Stop

2016 – Constellations

2014 – Trouvellin

2013 – To fly or not to fly

2011 – Quantum Fluctuations

2011 – Stone Knights

2011 – The Hut on Chicken Legs

At festivals:

63rd Krakow Film Festival 2023, Poland, 2023 (The Award for the best short and documentary films producer in Poland )