When her mother dies in the forest on the Polish-Belarusian border, a 16-year-old Kurdish girl Runa has to quickly grow up to take care of her 4 younger brothers and helpless, depressed father. The family deals with trauma in a refugee camp and tries to establish a new life in Poland. Runa’s greatest fear is being forced to return to Iraq, where Kurds face the threat of ISIS. She wants to live like her newfound European friends and become a lawyer. But just as her dream of going back to school comes true, another threat appears – the threat of deportation. Runa’s escape from everyday problems is a sketchbook filled with drawings that express what she feels. Gradually, her drawings come to life. The film is a partially animated coming of age story in the times of the global refugee crisis.


  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Germany, Poland
  • Running time: 84
  • Year: 2024
  • Color: colour

Director: Agnieszka Zwiefka

Script: Agnieszka Zwiefka

DOP: Kacper Czubak

Music: Niklas Paschburg

Editing: Michał Buczek

Sound: Franciszek Kozłowski, Daniel Adamczyk

Production company: Chilli Productions, co-production HBO Max


About the director:

Agnieszka Zwiefka

Agnieszka Zwiefka

Agnieszka Zwiefka is an award-winning filmmaker. Her films „The Queen of Silence“ (2014) and „Scars” (2020) were screened at festivals worldwide. In her films she balances between reality and fantasy, creating hybrids that cross the border between documentary and fiction. Member of European Film Academy (EFA). Alumna of workshops Dok.Incubator, ScripTeast, Nipkow Programme and Berlinale Talents as well as Meryl Streep’s and Nicole Kidman’s The Writers Lab.


2014 The Queen of Silence

2020 Scars

2023 Vika!

At festivals:

CPH:DOX* | Copenhagen Int. Documentary Film Festival 2024, Denmark, 2024 (competition)

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival 2024, Canada, 2024 (competition)