An original trio of young characters – imaginative Zosia, sensitive Oskar and independent Kinga – have to enter adulthood earlier than their peers. They take the viewer on a journey to the world of children’s compassion, artistic expression, sense of humour and force of character. The world in which friendship, love and closeness to another person is like oxygen, which carries them through the hardest moments.jakub

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Poland
  • Running time: 84
  • Year: 2022
  • Color: black and white

Director: Lidia Duda

Script: Lidia Duda

DOP: Wojciech Staroń, Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi

Editing: Lidia Duda, Jakub Śladkowski

Sound: Krzysztof Ridan

Production company: Aura Films sp. z o.o.


About the director:

Lidia Duda

Lidia Duda

Lidia Duda – screenwriter and documentary film director. Her achievements include several important documentaries. A two-time winner of the Grand Prix at the Kraków Film Festival for her films “Hercules” (2005) and “Entangled” (2012). A Grand Prix winner at: Chicago, New York, Houston, Istanbul, Mexico, Moscow, Banff,Canton and Prague. Duda is a Grand Press laureate for “My Home in Pietrasze” at Prague film festival. She has worked as an independentartist for several years. A member of the Association of Polish Filmmakers, Polish Academy of Film and Polish Documentary Film Directors Guild.

At festivals:

75th Locarno Film Festival 2022, Switzerland , 2022 (The Marco Zucchi Award)

5th FIPADOC International Documentary Festival 2023, France, 2023 (competition)

47th Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong, 2023 (competition)

38. DOK.fest München 2023, Germany, 2023 (competition)

Neisse Film Festival 2023, Germany, 2023 (competition)

71st Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 2023 (competition)

Cambridge Film Festival 2023, United Kingdom, 2023 (competition)

7th The Extraordinary Film Festival 2023, Belgium, 2023 (competition)