It grows slowly as an icicle, but one day it drops and crashes.

Anka loves cats. And Jesus. In a winter silence the lagoon freezes and the unspoken resurfaces like crack on ice.

Mosaic portrait of a small fisherman’s village where human to human, human to animal, animal to animal interdepend on a delicate balance of warm tender care and cold emotional cruelty. An eerie story of loneliness and community narrated with magical realism.

  • Genre: Animated
  • Country: Polska
  • Running time: 26
  • Year: 2023
  • Color: colour

Director: Kasumi Ozeki, Tomasz Popakul

Script: Tomasz Popakul

Music: King Midas Sound, Circle of Ouroborus, Godflesh, 19 Wiosen, Tenhi, Ait!

Editing: Tomasz Popakul

Sound: SOUND MIND STUDIO, Michał Fojcik M.P.S.E.

Production company: Yellow Tapir Films

About the directors:

Kasumi Ozeki


Tomasz Popakul

Tomasz Popakul

Graduated Lodz Film School in direction animation and special effects. His debut movie Ziegenort was shown at many festivals around the world. His another project, Acid Rain, gained 35 awards, was shown in around 90 festivals, got a prestigious nomination for Annie Awards, and was on the long Oscar list. Created short hybrid animation Moon for HBO pandemic anthology At Home. Collaborated with Kasumi Ozeki on Acid Rain, Moon, and now ZIMA.


Moon – 2020

Acid Rain – 2019

Black – 2016

At festivals:

63th Krakow Film Festival, 2023, Poland, 2023 (competition)

63th Krakow Film Festival, 2023, Poland, 2023 (competition)

2023 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada, 2023 (Best Narrative Short Animation)

66th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film – DOK Leipzig 2023, Germany, 2023 (Special Mention)

50th Film Fest Gent, Belgium, 2023 (competition)

9th BitBang Videogames and Digital Arts Festival, Argentina, 2023 (competition)

27th International Short Film Festival Winterthur, Switzerland, 2023 (competition)

2023 PÖFF Shorts, Estonia, 2023 (competition)

Feinaki 2023 Beijing Animation Week, China, 2023 (Grand Prix)

30th Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival, Poland, 2023 (competition)

Animateka 2023 International Animation Festival, Slovenia, 2023 (competition)

Anima 2024, the 43rd Brussels International Animation Film Festival, Belgium, 2024 (competition)