Julia Siuda's animation has been recognised for its sound design at this year's SPASM festival.

SPASM is an event held in the French-speaking Montreal. The festival is a ten-day celebration of less cookie-cutter, slightly bolder cinema. The program of the event features bold genre productions as well as completely experimental, original forms.

One of the presented films was Julia Siuda’s animated short. Fury was recognised for its sound design by Jacek Feliks. The entire film was made at the Animation Film Studio of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.

The film deals with the issue of growing anger, frustration, and aggression that seek an outlet. The protagonist of the film is a person who loses control over her anger. Losing herself in her emotions, she cannot endure the tension. The film shows repressed anger and imagined physical violence. The film alludes to colloquially formulated thoughts or intentions: My blood is boiling… I’m losing my nerves… I’m beside myself… I’ll bite someone’s head off… I’ll tear him to pieces… I’m about to kill someone… etc.
An important element that reflects the character of the film is the sparing but distinct visuals which use organic and dense lines and an appropriately expressive
colour palette. To further strengthen the naturalistic message of emotions, sounds of breaking bones and crippled body parts are used.

You can read more about the festival here.