On December 3, ended the festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence. At the festival, the short feature film "Moloch" by Szymon Kapeniak was awarded.

Except for Clermont-Ferrand, the festival Tous Courts is one of the oldest French festivals dedicated to presenting short films.  This year, it was held for the 34th time, and the Jury Award of this year's edition went to the film "Moloch" by Szymon Kapeniak.

"Moloch" is a film about a group of young men, working illegally in a deteriorating steel mill in Ukraine.  The oldest of them has a passionate love affair, and he decides to quit his work, believing that this new love is a pretext to change his life.  His colleagues plan to dissuade him from this plan, in order to save the team which was strong until now. After a long day's work, they visit the beloved of their friend…

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