The documentary by Jakub Piątek won the prestigious international Golden Reel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing.

The Golden Reel Award is a prestigious accolade in the sound editing world given by the Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) for exemplary work in the area of sound in cinema, TV, video games, and other audio-visual media. These awards honour professionals in sound editing, design, effects, and engineering for their contributions to creating exceptional sound experiences in film and television.

Michał Fojcik and Joanna Popowicz were responsible for music editing in the documentary Pianoforte.

The Chopin Competition is the oldest of its kind in the world, taking place every five years in Warsaw. It has seen a record number of famous participants, from the outstanding composer Dmitri Shostakovich, to Maurizio Pollini, Martha Argerich, Rafał Blechacz, Seong-Jin Cho, Dang Thai Son, and Krystian Zimerman. The competition brings great excitement, both on stage and in the auditorium. It’s a huge, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The film focuses on several protagonists. We observe them at their homes, during preparations, and in their private lives. The narrative follows the rules of the competition, which is divided into three stages and the finale…

The Chopin Competition exemplifies a crucial moment in our protagonists’ lives. Although the depicted world seems elitist and inaccessible, each of them has been preparing for this moment their entire lives. They all share a similar dream and will be mercilessly assessed by the competition mechanism – the number of places on the podium is drastically limited. Some will be eliminated, while others will make it to the finals.

You can read more about the award here.