On November 12th the Film Court Festival in Brest came to an end. One of the festival awards went to a short film "Play-off" by Tomasz Gąssowski.

European Short Film Festival in Brest is a film festival devoted to shorts, taking place every year in Brittany. It was first held in 1987, and since 1992 it presents selected films from Europe and rest of the world. Apart from the official festival selection there are various thematic programmes and sections targeting young audience.

During this year's 32nd edition of the festival one of the awards – Finistere County Council Award – went to Tomasz Gąssowski for his film "Play-off" .

”Play-off” is a story of Zyga, who is thirty-eight, lives not far from Warsaw and attempts to explain the rules governing the world to his son, Witek. Not that he himself always sticks to them, a fact that hasn't escaped his quick-witted offspring's notice.