Polish documentaries in Finland

DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival starts on 26th January. Within the frames of the festival, the organizers prepared presentations of nine Polish documentaries and a Marcel Łoziński retrospective.

During the POLISH FOCUS the following films will be shown:


1. The Second Hand Bookstore, dir. Maciej Cuske

2. Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy, dir. Maciej Cuske

3. Hear Me Cry, dir. Maciej Drygas

4. The Lucky Ones, dir. Tomasz Wolski

5. The Clinic, dir. Tomasz Wolski

6. Sentenced for Life, dir. Marcin Koszałka

7. Chemo, dir. Paweł Łoziński

8. Mother, dir. Jukub Piątek

9. Our Street, dir. Marcin Latałło


A Marcel Łoziński Retrospective:


1. The Microphone Test

2. Technical Exercises

3. Happy End

4. Matriculation

5. My place

6. So it Doesn’t Hurt

7. Recipe For Life

8. Anything Can Happen

9. Poste Restante

10. 89mm From Europe


The Festival will last until 31st January. More information can be found here.