The film from Wajda School is the prize-winner in Munich

The jury of this year's International Short Film Festival “The Way We Live!” in Munich awarded the third prize to the film ”The Football Father” by Michał Jóźwiak.

The main protagonist of “The Football Father”, Marcin, is a sightless masseur, working in Lodz football club. He takes his little son Henio to football matches of the Widzew team, shows him his job and the world of football fans. Henio has poor eyesight and he may lose sight like his father. Marcin prepares him for the adult life.

The film’s director, Michał Jóźwiak, is a graduate of Documentary Course and EKRAN –  a European programme for film professionals, organized at Wajda’s School.

International Short Film Festival “The Way We Live!” is the oldest European festival, presenting films devoted to the lives of the handicapped, and is among the most prestigious events of this type on the world.

You can read more about it here: and on the festival’s website.