The ninth edition of the International Short Film Festival FIKE in Portugal has ended. For the first time in the history of this film event, Polish films appeared in the competition and for the first time two of them were honoured with laurels.

The International Short Film Festival FIKE in Portugal took place from 19th to 23rd October
in Portuguese Evora. The jury awarded the films in several categories. The films: “Actors” by
Tomasz Wolski and “A Day And An Eternity” by German director Anna Hepp were given the
best documentary prizes. Apart from this, Jakub Piątek got the best European short film award
for the film “Mother”.

The documentary “Actors” was shot during the making of Jacek Bławut’s feature film
debut “Before the Twilight” in Skolimowo Actor’s House. The protagonists are the
eponymous actors, who, awaiting their appearance on location, try to cope with the awareness
that they are past their prime as far as acting is concerned. “Actors” is a picture full of humour
– delicate and distanced one.

“Mother”, on the other hand, is a film of totally distinct characteristics. We get acquainted
with the story of a woman who regularly visits her son in prison. With her, we await the
next meeting and cross the distance from her home to the visitors room in prison. The film
was made within the frames of “The First Documentary” programme by the Andrzej Wajda
Master School of Film Directing.

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