Polish mountain films almost always return from festivals with the award. It was like this during Kendal Mountain Film Festival in Great Britain, where "The Place" by Julia Popławska was appreciated.

Kendal Mountain Film Festival was held for the sixteenth time, developing with every subsequent edition. Every year, it presents more and more films, which are more and more diverse. However, what has not changed is the main focus of the festival, that is, mountain films. This year, as many as two awards at the festival went to Polish documentary films.

In Great Britain, "The Place" by Julia Popławska received the award for the Best Sound. The people responsible for the sound include: Radosław Ochnio and Piotr Knop from TOYA Studios, as well as the soundmen from the film set: Grzegorz Liwiński and Marcin Cichoń. The documentary film depicts the highest workplace in Poland, where night observation of the surrounding world incessantly goes on. The employees of "The Place" suspended out of time and space, are unshakeably on their posts, in spite of any adversity and surprising situations. 

The full list of award-winning films is on the festival's website.