On the website of the French festival in Clermont-Ferrand, the results of this year's selection were announced. In the international competition, there are three Polish short films: "Dust" by Jakub Radej, "Jerry" by Roman Przylipiak and "Tremors" by Dawid Bodzak.

The festival in Clermont Ferrand is one of the leading international festivals presenting short films. Every year, the film market, held at the same time as the festival, attracts a large film industry environment to the city. 40th edition of the festival is held from February 2 to 10, 2018. This year three Polish short films are included in the international competitions.

The first of them is "Dust" by Jakub Radej, which will be screened in Lab Competition. "Dust" is a study of the way that every human body must go through from the moment of death to the funeral. In Jakub Radej’s film, the consecutive stages of the way (mortuary, morgue, cemetery) are juxtaposed with a bureaucratic approach to the property of the deceased. A detached account of the fate of material objects that belonged to the deceased is presented in an open form, which may also include a question about the meaning of life and a reflection on the loneliness of people who have no one to bid them farewell.

The second film, which appears at the International Competition, is "Jerry" by Roman Przylipiak. Jerry, a thirty-six-year-old energy therapist takes a blow to the face. With that solid thwack, Bartek, whose mother has been seeking a cure in Jerry’s care, makes him painfully aware that his powers are gone for good. One day, his healer’s powers return to him unexpectedly when he takes in a stray dog. He becomes a genuine, local miracle worker. But not for long. His powers vanish when the dog does. Will he regain his gift?

Another film invited to the International Competition of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival is "Tremors" by Dawid Bodzak. 

Imagine that you are in the forest it is dark quiet empty. You do not know why you are there. You suddenly hear a howl. You feel you do not want to be there. You are afraid. You see a wolf and a second one and a third. They come closer and closer to you and surround you. What are you doing now?

As every year, Polish films will also be present during the Film Market, organised at the festival. The stand of POLISH SHORTS, prepared by Krakow Film Foundation, will be one of several dozens of national stands, presenting the short film output of countries from around the world.

You can read more about the festival on its official website.