Yesterday evening the 12th edition of the Hungarian Anilogue festival reached its end. Among the films acclaimed by the jury were two Polish animated films – “Baths” by Tomek Ducki and “Darling” by Izabela Plucińska.

This year’s short film competition lineup included 30 films made all over the world. Three among them were Polish – the above mentioned “Baths” by Ducki and “Darling” by Plucińska – as well as “Ziegenort” by Tomasz Popakul. Is worth adding that two more films – “Lost senses” by Marcin Wasilewski and “An incredibly elastic man” by Karolina Specht – screened as a part of the non-competitive programme. Every year at Anilogue both feature length and short animated films are screened as a part of two main competitions.  

Jury decided to hand the Special Mention to “Baths” by Tomek Ducki. Ducki is a graduate of the  Hungarian MOME where he created his short film “Life line” which screened and was awarded at numerous festivals. Last month his latest short “Baths” received the Special Mention of another Hungarian festival  called Primanima. So far the film gathered 20 awards in total. From its world premiere at Swiss Fantoche festival in September 2013 the film constantly tours festivals all over the world gathering more and more awards. “Baths” was made as a Polish-UK coproduction and is produced by Studio Miniatur Filmowych and Peek and Boo.

The second Special Mention of Anilologue Festival went to the latest film by Izabela Pluińska “Darling”. Film that was made as a coproduction between Germany and Poland has been quite successfully screened at festivals all over the world. So far its festival list reaches nearly forty international festivals. Up to date the film was awarded four times. The latest clay animation from Izabela Plucińska is a captivating picture of the feeling of being lost and alienated and an attempt at putting the pieces that fail to fit together into a whole.

The international festival promotion of “Baths” and “Darling” is supported by the Krakow Film Foundation.  

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