On Saturday, 12th November the third edition of the Mexican CutOut festival devoted entirely to animation works came to an end. “Two steps behind..” by Paulina Majda, screened in Mexico for the first time, received one of the festival’s main awards.

CutOut festival stems from the priority of distributing and popularizing all creativity forms involving animation produced all over the world. This year’s programme was composed and chosen from  more than 300 entries sent to Mexico from 46 countries. On Saturday evening the list of the best among them was revealed to the public. Paulina Majda’s "Two steps behind.." received the award for the best film of the non-narrative competition. This is the first international award presented to the animation produced within Young Animation programme launched by Munk Studio. The film was coproduced by Se-Ma-For studio and TVP Kultura.


"And so begins that which I do not know, that which further fate is unknown to me, for how can I know? …Just as one can’t see the end of the wide water while standing on its shore…". Edward Stachura (“All That Brightness”) this inscription opens the story of a farmer’s family which main themes are partings, returns and goodbyes. “Two steps behind..” is a musical animated impression that refers to the subject of emigration and is an attempt of answering the question "why?". Why did I decide to leave my home, my street, my place, my country?   


Apart from Paulina Majda’s film, there were also other Polish animations screened in the competition – “The Lost Town of Świteź” by Kamil Polak, “Paths of hate” by Damian Nenow and “Underlife” by Jarosław Konopka.


The festival that ran from 10th November came to an end on Saturday.


A bunch of detailed information on festival available here