Just a couple of days ago, we informed about the award for "Jurek" by Paweł Wysoczański, and the information about new successes at a mountain film festival is coming - this time, from Spain.

Recently, the 34th Mountain Film Festival in Torello has ended. It was there where the documentary film by Paweł Wysoczański was awarded twice. "Jurek" was given the Silver Edelweiss for the best mountain film and the Silver Edelweiss for the best script.

The film tells about the Polish Himalayan mountaineer, Jerzy Kukuczka, who died tragically. The documentary film  does not, however, concentrate on the mystery of his death, but shows a person, who climbs up, higher and higher – in a literal, but also in a metaphorical and a symbolic sense. From a bootblack to a millionaire, from a socialist worker to an international media star, from the man who climbs without any money and equipment to the real competitor of Reinhold Messner in the competition to climb the Crown of the Himalayas and the Karakoram.

The full list of award-winning films is on the festival's website.