The animated film by Andrzej Jobczyk received the jury award at the French festival War on Screen which concluded yesterday.

War on Screen – Festival International de Cinéma is a unique event on the global festival map. It’s the only film festival that deals with the subject of conflicts shown in cinema in such a deep and nuanced manner. War films, animations, true and fictional stories. It isn’t just a film event, but also a space for scientists, experts, educators, directors, and viewers to meet, which provides an opportunity for further research on the subject.

This year’s program has also included a Polish animated film. Airborne by Andrzej Jobczyk received the jury award.

Airborne a surreal animated film that combines the world of flying machine with the animal and plant kingdom. A fighter pilot loses track of his target and crashes. The plane crashes into a tree crown. It’s a tragedy that seems to be the end but instead opens a new chapter of the story. New life awakens at the crash site destined to uncover the mystery of its origin. Airborne is a story about passion, its roots, and what we have to lose in order to be born again.

You can read more about the festival here.