The film by Julia Pełka won the Fellini Award for the best documentary at the Amarcort Film Festival in Italy.

Amarcort Film Festival is held in Rimini, the hometown of the outstanding Italian director. The entire festival is held under the patronage of Federico Fellini, and one of the awards has also been named after him. The festival itself is a celebration of cinema showcasing dramas, documentaries, animated films, and experimental ones from around the world.

This year, Julia Pełka’s film was invited to the international Calzinazz competition, which shows the most interesting documentaries. Fat Kathy has won the jury’s acclaim and received the prestigious Fellini Award.

The titular Fat Kathy is a water pump that has 8 supersensitive clams connected to computers. The lives of millions of people living in the city depend on them. The only scientist-malacologist in Poland makes sure that the specimens used in the system work properly and generate an alarm in the event of water contamination.

A list of all winners of this year’s festival can be found here.