”What happend on Pam Island” by Eliza Kubarska – a film about one of the most important mountaineering expeditions in recent years – was amongst the best at the Unnim Mountain Film Festival in Spanish Torello.

Unnim Mountain Film Festival is one of the most crucial events worldwide devoted to so-called ‘mountian films’. Every year the festival presents tens of documentary and feature films that are related to the mountains and the mountain culture. This year, during the 29th edition of the event, Polish film ”What happened on Pam Island” by Eliza Kubarska was also a part of the selection. The film was awarded the Special Jury Prize.

”What happened on Pam Island” portrays an intimate and until now unknown world of the extreme travellers – two Polish mountaineers, who are canoeing towards the highest cliff in the world. The documentary was shot in Greenland at five extraordinary locations:  on the highest sea cliff in the world, while the film crew hangs on the wall rock, closeby to falling gigantic icebergs, in sea kayaks on the water with temperature close to zero, under the water and on the deserted island Pam.

However, the film of Kubarska does not belong to the traditional ”mountain films” that focus only on the glorious  acomplishments of protagonists. In ”What happend on Pam Island” the viewer discovers close relationships and strong feelings amongst the mountaineers. The extreme expedition together with  the magnitude of the mountains  is just a background to this ‘romantic’ story.

Eliza Kubarska, a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Andrzej Wajda Film School presents ”What happened on Pam Island” as her directing (documentary) debut. She is, at the same time, one of the best Polish mountaineers, one of the few women in the world, who paves new roads on the toughest mountains.

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