Paweł Łoziński – the prize-winner at Prix Europe

On Saturday evening in Berlin, “Chemo” by Paweł Łoziński was given the Prix Europe award in the TV Documentary category. Thus, the film was chosen the best European documentary TV production in 2009.

“Chemo” has already triumphed over such recognized films as “Rabbit a la Berln” dir. Bartek Konopka (on the shortened Oscar list), “Rene” dir. Helena Trestikova (the best film according to European Film Academy) or “The Fortress” dir. Fernand Melgar (the prize-winner from Locarno).

Łoziński’s film tells a story about an oncology clinic, where the patients receive portions of “chemo”. We watch their faces in close-ups. They lie in pairs, talking. We listen to their fascinating conversations. Life, seen from the other side, from the distance of hospital, reveals its value, sense and charm. This poignant picture has already been given many awards, including the Silver Hobby-horse at the Krakow Film Festival.