The winning streak of the Polish documentary continues. This weekend two Polish productions were acknowledged at the DocsDF festival, the film “Entangled” by Lidia Duda was named the best television documentary and “God’s Lake” by Diana Aszyk the best short documentary film.

Last Sunday, 3 November, the ending ceremony of the Mexican DocsDF Festival took place. Polish documentary film triumphs, winning two out of four awards given in the international competitions. Directed by Lidia Duda, the film “Entangled” won in the television documentary competition, while the film “God’s Lake” by Diana Aszyk received the main prize in the International Short Documentary Competition.

The main character of the film „Entangled” was abused by his neighbour as a child. Later, as a teenager, he tried to take revenge on him twice. The roles are reversed now: the peadophile is afraid of his victim. This mutual dependence, which lasted ten years, is presented from the perspective of the people closest to both men. The story based on hatred and fear seems to have no end.

“God’s Lake” is a poetic tale of an Ukrainian family living by the lake, which for many generations has been the central point of their life. The film was made during the upcoming of the EURO 2012 in Ukraine. 

DocsDF is a documentary film festival held in Mexico City. It’s a relatively new event, this year it was the eighth edition, but it has already earned the international reputation. Apart from “Entangled” and “God’s Lake”, the Mexican audience of this year’s edition also had the opportunity to see “The Whistle” by Grzegorz Zariczny and “Mundial. The Highest Stakes” by Michał Bielawski, which took part in the Doctubre competition, as well as “In the Eye of God” by Wojciech Królikowski, which competed with “Entangled” in the television documentary competition.

It’s worth reminding, that last year Poland was a special guest at DocsDF. Thanks to that, the Mexican audience was able to see a wide variety of Polish documentaries. In the course of the festival, a review of the Polish “Masters from Krakow” Festival winners was organized, and the latest titles were included in the Young Talents programme. What’s more, a big group of Polish documentary filmmakers and specialists from the film industry, flew to Mexico to talk about the documentary production specifics, as well as to meet with the viewers.

You can find the full list of awarded films here.