In the competition sections of this year's Camerimage festival, there are seven Polish short films. In addition, Polish short films will be screened in an special programme of the best films from the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia in Katowice, in Special Screenings and within the frames of Marcel Łoziński retrospective.

This year's, 23rd edition of the International Film Festival Camerimage started last Saturday, on November 14 and lasts until next Saturday, November 21. Seven Polish short films have been invited to participate in the festival's competition sections.

Four films will be shown within the frames of the Student Etudes Competition. Two of them – "America" by Aleksandra Terpińska and "What I Want" by Damian Kocur represent the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia. Two other – "Days with my father" by Miłosz Kasiura and "post mortem" by Jakub Kasiura – Lodz Film School.

"America" is a story about two teenagers who go hitch-hiking to kill time. This seemingly innocent adventure changes their lives forever. "What I Want" is another story about young people. The protagonists of this film are a young single mother, dreaming about the career of a cheerleader and a boy who devotes all his life to his favourite football team and to his dog. Their meeting results in a series of unexpected events. The film "Days with my father" is set in the space of the protagonist's memories, who spends last days with his father, suffering from dementia. In "post mortem" we watch a boy and an elderly man set out on a fishing trip. In the water, they find a body of a girl…

In the Documentary Shorts Competition, there are three Polish productions: "Plus and minus, or the fly's journey to the East" by Bogdan Dziworski, "Counterpoint" by Andrzej Papuziński and "In the shadow" by Magdalena Budzyń and Magdalena Szydłowska.

"Plus and minus, or the fly's journey to the East" is a diary from the film-maker's journey to Georgia and at the same time, a phantasmagoric story about the cult of Joseph Stalin, a special personage in Dziworski's childhood. The protagonist of "Counterpoint" is Michał Batory – a Polish artist who works in France . He creates theatre, film and ballet posters, as well as posters promoting exhibitions and music events. "In the shadow" is also a portrait of an artist – the film shows the figure of the cinematographer Ryszard Lenczewski.

In Bydgoszcz, Marcel Łoziński will be presented with the Award for the Outstanding Achievements in Documentary Filmmaking and on this occasion, a retrospective of his works is included in the festival's programme. Within its frames, the audience will have a chance to see, among others, "Poste restante," "Anything can happen," and the Academy Award nominee "89 mm from Europe."

This year, the organisers of Camerimage will focus particularly on the films produced by the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia in Katowice. In a special section dedicated to the films from Katowice Film School, as many as nineteen films will be shown. Some of them, such as "Wild Duck Season" by Julia Ruszkiewicz, "Beyond the horizon" by Kuba Czekaj, "Bad lyrics" by Marcin Maziarzewski, "All Souls' Day" by Aleksandra Terpińska and "The Shadow Forest" by Andrzej Cichocki are award-winners from the earlier editions of the festival. Others, like "Hurly-Burly" by Kuba Czekaj, "Knife in the Wife" by Vita Drygas, "The Moment" by Piotr Domalewski, "Summer of Love" by Marcin Filipowicz and "You Keep An Eye On Us" by Arek Biedrzycki are the latest productions from Katowice, which are shown at film festivals around the world.

Furthermore, short films will be screened also in Special Screenings. "The Dog Catcher" by Daria Woszek, "Umbra" by Urszula Nawrot and "Once again" by Adrian Kilar have been invited to take part in this section

You can find more information about the Camerimage festival on its website.