The documentary film by Teresa Czepiec is the winner of the ALCINE45 Award for the best European short film.

ALCINE is the oldest Spanish short film festival, organised in Alcala since 1970. Eminent Spanish film-makers took their first steps here, such as: Fernando Colomo, Santiago Segura, Alejandro Amenábar and Isabel Coixet.  Alcine includes two main competitions – Spanish and European, as well as many accompanying sections. This year, the main award in the European Short Film Competition went to Teresa Czepiec for her film "Super Unit."

Super Unit is a huge block of flats designed, according to the idea by Le Corbusier, as a "machine for living."  On 15 floors of the building, up to 13 thousand people can live. The lift stops every third floor, so the inhabitants have to go through a real labyrinth of corridors and stairs to reach their flats. The main protagonists of the film are people living inside the Super Unit and experiencing important moments of their lives there. 762 apartment doors and 762 stories. The film opens only some of them.