The short fiction by Tomasz Wolski was recognised at the Shorts That Are Not Pants Film Festival in the US. The entire event was held remotely.

Founded in 2012 in Toronto, Shorts That Are Not Pants Film Festival is an event devoted entirely to short films. Some of the festival selectors have extensive experience from working at larger events such as Sundance, Hot Docs, Cannes, and TIFF. Over the years, it has screened more than 500 productions from over 40 countries. The festival’s audience is still growing despite the last several editions being held entirely online.

This year, the program included Tomasz Wolski’s Problem. The jurors liked the film and named it the best fiction film of the festival. It was produced by KIJORA.

A single long take and an event that shakes up the residents sharing the same backyard out of their daily routine. Everyone is in a hurry, but an unconscious man is lying on the sidewalk – the titular “problem”. It’s a suspenseful short story that shows off the director’s documentary prowess and realistic angle.

You can read more about the festival here.