The 11th issue of the Focus on Poland magazine is now available online! It contains interviews with filmmakers, film reviews, and articles on what's been happening in the world of Polish documentaries, shorts, and animated films in recent months.

Focus on Poland is a magazine published in English by the Krakow Film Foundation as part of the Polish Docs, Polish Shorts, and Polish Animations projects, and its aim is to present the most interesting artists, topics, and trends in Polish documentary, animated, and short films. Typically, the magazine travels around the world and is made available to industry insiders and the public at major international film festivals and events. For the second year, it has been published online due to the pandemic.

In the latest issue you’ll find interviews with filmmakers, reviews, information about projects in production and recent international premieres, as well as a catalogue of films produced in 2021.

Focus on Poland is published with the support of the Polish Film Institute. You can download the latest issue here