Once again this year, the student etude by Matej Bobrik stood on the podium, winning one of the most important awards at the recently finished Short Film Festival “ Cortopotere” in Bergamo, Italy.

Where the sun doesn’t rush” by Matej Bobrik was recognised as the best documentary at the festival “Cortopotere” in Bergamo. According to the jury’s reasoning, this almost twenty-two-minute etuda is “warm and at the same time objective depiction of a disappearing world by selecting its most important details.” The jury emphasises also that the film by Bobrik is far from “folklorism” characterising so many documentaries about “the lost days” and “old good days.”

“Where the sun doesn’t rush” is a picture of a tiny Slovakian village, whose inhabitants maunder around aimlessly, watching the quiet, monotonous reality – without amazement, with full acceptance. Their time is measured by the announcements from local radio station and subsequent news of someone’s death, which is a constant and natural part of the surrounding world. 

The documentary impression by Matej Bobrik has already been awarded at many film festivals in Poland as well as abroad, among others, at the Krakow Film Festival (Maciej Szumowski award),  Krakowskim Festiwalu Filmowym (the best documentary), Węgiel Student Film Festival (the best director),The New York Polish Film Festival (“Beyond Borders” K. Kieślowski the best documentary film award) and recently at the Brazilian Student Film Festival (Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitário, FBCU).

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