The European Film Award goes to Marcel Łoziński

The European Film Awards were given last Saturday in German city Bochum. “Poste Restante” by Marcel Łoziński was awarded the best short-length film.

Fourteen-minute-long documentary “Poste Restante” is a story of a letter addressed to God. The letter reached the Unsent Mail Office in Koluszki. This simple, but universal story has already received several awards, among others: the Silver Dragon at Krakow Film Festival, and Jacek Petrycki – the film’s cameraman – got the Discovery Networks Central Europe Award for photography at the recent Camerimage festival.

“Poste restante” received the nomination for EFA from the European Film Academy representatives at Krakow Film Festival. Łoziński’s film competed for the prize together with twelve other short films which received the nominations at European international short-length film festivals: in Ghent, Cork, Valladolid,  Anger, Berlin, Tampere, Grimstad, Edinburgh, Krakow, Vila de Conde, Sarajevo, Venice and Drama.

It is worth mentioning that “Poste restante” is not the only Polish element at this year’s European Film Award ceremony. It had an opponent in the short-length film category – another Polish film: “Glass Trap” by Paweł Ferdek.

Andrzej Wajda received the  FIPRECI award for the feature-film “Sweet Rush”(nominated in the category “the Best European Film” together with “33 Scenes from Life” by Małgorzata Szumowska.

The documentary by Marcel Łoziński was released on DVD and is still available to be bought in the on-line shop

The film trailer can be watched here
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