The film by Lidia Duda was named the best TV documentary at Prix Italia.

The Prix Italia Awards were first awarded in 1948 in Capri. Back then, the event was dedicated to radio productions. It was only from 1957 that TV productions began to be awarded. In 1998 that list was expanded with multi-media projects. Initially, only public broadcasters were considered, but over the years the contest opened up to private and commercial stations. The awards are given to international productions. The event has been organised for many years by Rai Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A., within RAI’s International Relations and European Affairs Department.

This year, Lidia Duda’s The Fledgelings won in the category of best TV documentary.

An unusual trio of young protagonists – the imaginative Zosia, the sensitive Oskar, the independent Kinga – must enter adulthood much earlier than their peers. They take the audience on a journey into a world of children’s empathy, artistic expression, humour, and force of character. A world in which friendship, love, and closeness to another person are like oxygen – essential to survive every hardship.

A list of all awarded productions can be found here.