Witold Giersz is the special guest of this year's edition of the animated film festival Tindirindis in Lithuania. The Polish director will give the masterclass in Vilnius and will sit on the festival jury.

On Friday, November 27 on 6 p.m. in the Theatre and Cinema Museum in Vilnius, Witold Giersz masterclass will be held. During the meeting, Witold Giersz will show fragments of his films, and talk about the methods used to make them. 

Born in 1927, Witold Giersz is a visual artist, scriptwriter and director of animated films. He graduated from the Directing Department of the Polish National Film School Łódź. He is the author of over 60 animated films. His career began in the second half of the 1950s., when Giersz started to co-operate with the Animated Film Studio in Bielsko-Biała. His first successes included the films "The Horse," The Little western", "The red and the black" made in Studio Miniatur Filmowych in Warsaw. He is the winner of numerous awards, given in Poland and abroad. In his animated film, Giersz uses a patch of colour in a characteristic way. Though he often makes his films using various techniques, they are united by consistent imagery and recognisable use of colours. Perhaps the films which the audience remembers most clearly are the ones made by Witold Giersz using the glass painting technique. 

Witold Giersz masterclass will be held within the frames of the 13th edition of the Tindirindis festival. The Polish director will also sit on the jury and evaluate the films in the competition. Two Polish animated films are invited to this year's edition of the festival: "Summer 2014" by Wojciech Sobczyk and "This World" by Zbigniew Czapla. The festival lasts until Sunday, November 30. 

You can read more about the programme on the website of the Tindirindis festival

The photo of Witold Giersz by W. Sarnik (Krakow Film Festival)