A documentary “Out of reach” by Jakub Stożek will be featured among six short films screened as a part of the winter edition of Future Shorts Festival. The programme is screened between December and February in 30 cities in Europe and around the world.

Future Shorts is one of the biggest pop-up festivals showing short films around the globe. Since November 2011, festival screenings have taken place in over 285 cities and 90 countries with an audience of more than 45,000 people. Every three months the organizers of the festival put together a feature-length programme of the best classic, cult and award-winning short films made all over the world. This Season the audience will get the opportunity of watching the films produced in France, Poland, Serbia, Finland and Afghanistan.

Six films were selected for the winter programme of Future Shorts. The sole documentary among them is Polish “Out of reach” (prod. Darklight Film Studio). A documentary by Jakub Stożek is a story of two sisters. For most of their lives Klaudia and Karolina were raised without a mother. Due to a complex family situation sisters had to learn to be more responsible and independent than other teenagers. The girls are impressively mature, they solve their own problems, support each other in every circumstances. Just before they start their lives as adults, they make another attempt to rebuild family relations that had been neglected by adults for years. Yet it won’t be that simple… Among numerous awards that were given to „Out of reach” was a Special Mention of Sundance Festival in 2011.

It is worth to add that “The Whistle” by Grzegorz Zariczny screened as a part of Future Shorts this spring.

Future Shorts is one of the most renown organizations involved in short film promotion around the world. Its leading activity is broadly defined distribution through organized four times yearly film festival and a regular work. Future Shorts is one of the leading distributors on the short film market, selling films to an international network of buyers, internet, IPTV, airlines and many more.
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