Yesterday, on the website of the French festival Clermont-Ferrand the results of this year’s selection were announced. Polish films qualified for two competition sections of this most important short film festival worldwide.

This year, only one Polish film made it to the international competition – namely, “Father’s day” by Kacper Lisowski. The film was produced within the frames of  “30 minutes” programme by Munk Studio, which operates under the aegis of Polish Filmmakers Association. The film is the debut of the cinematographer in the role of a director – Kapcer Lisowski – who graduated from the Polish National Film School in Łódź and Wajda School. Clermont-Ferrand will be the first international festival in which the film takes part.

The main protagonist of “Father’s day”, Marcel, is almost forty, but he has not settled down yet. Just like a free electron, he lives from party to party, avoiding making commitments and taking advantage of the pleasures life can give. Until the moment, when a non-committal adventure, in which he got entangled, forces him to take care of 10-year-old Józek.  Marcel does everything he can to get rid of the wayward boy, but it is all in vain. All his plans go adrift and in addition to that, the child disappears in the middle of the night.

Additional Polish feature in the competition is the film ”Vegas” by Łukasz Konopa, with photography by Polish cinematographer Paweł Chorzępa.  In this year’s competition features as many as 73 films produced around the world.

Another Polish film at the festival is the award-winning “Ziegenort” by Tomek Popakul (produced by NoLabel). The film qualified for the experimental section LABO. The animation by Popakul has already been shown at over 50 festivals.

A small coastal village. A busy dad tries to train his teenage son for the job of a fisherman. The introverted boy-fish will have to face the first serious competition. The world explored by the boy is full of disturbing signs, astonishing observations, which often strike terror into his heart. Intriguing graphic animation by Popakul is an attempt to describe the anxieties of the teenager, who begins his adult life.

The Poles succeeded in Clermont-Ferrant several times. Three years ago, the festival’s Grand Prix went to Marta Minorowicz for her documentary “A Piece of Summer” while two years ago the Special Mention of the Young Jury was awarded to Grzegorz Jaroszuk – the author of the feature film “Frozen Stories”

Just like it happens every year, Polish films will be present also during Film Market that accompanies the festival. The POLISH SHORTS stand, prepared by Krakow Film Foundation in cooperation with Polish Film Institute, will be one of several dozen national stands presenting the film output of countries from the entire world. This year, within the frame of the market, after three years,  a screening of Polish films for the professionals will take place.

36th edition of the short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand takes place from 31st January to 8th February.

You can read more about the festival on its its official website