Fourteenth edition of Kyoto International Student Film and Video Festival brought another success to Kuba Czekaj. On Friday, 25th November, director received Grand Prix of the festival for his graduation film “Twist and Blood”.

Kyoto International Student Film and Video Festival is the biggest festival in Japan devoted entirely to films made by students of artistic and film schools from all over the world, and the only one that is being fully organized by students from Kyoto – both when it comes to programming and executing. This year its fourteenth edition took place between 19th and 25th November.

Nine short films, with running time under 30 minutes, were accepted to the short film competition – among them Igor Chojna’s latest film “The stain”. “Twist and blood” by Kuba Czekaj found itself in the group of six films programmed in the feature film competition. Furthermore on the last festival’s day it was acclaimed the winner and received the Grand Prix of the festival. Czekaj’s film, just like his previous ones steps into the world of children describing the reality seen through their eyes. The story’s main character – an eleven-year-old, overweight Belly Boy is living under a big pressure that is being put on him both by his parents and peers. The only person he allows to enter his world is Missymouse. Thus, she will be the only one to whom he will confess his big secret. The film was made at Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Department of the University of Silesia in Katowice and is Czekaj’s graduation film.

During last year’s edition of the festival previous Czekaj’s film released in 2009 – “Don’t be afraid of the dark room” also received the Grand Prix in Kyoto.  

More on festival can be found at the official website