Wojciech Staroń continues to be on the winning streak - last Sunday, 18 November, "Argentinian lesson" was chosen the best medium-length film on the festival taking place in Montreal, RIDM – Recontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal.

The last month was really lucky for "Argentinian lesson" – the film got the main award at the International Travel Film Festival Detour 2012, received special mention at the Spanish festival MiradasDoc and was nominated for the prestigious Spotlight Award. This weekend, the trophies gathered by the film were joined by the Best International Medium-Length Film Award in the international competition at the 15th edition of the Canadian documentary film festival Recontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal (RIDM). This is how the jury motivated the veredict: "We award the Grand Prize to a film that possesses a unique sensibility and extraordinary ability to immerse the viewer into a singular world: a paradoxical confrontation between childhood and adulthood, where roles are constantly interchanged, and children are forced to reconcile the scale of their world, the small gestures and everyday routines, with the incommensurate questions and obstacles that their adult counterparts are unable to resolve or overcome."

The RIDM festival has taken place in Montreal since 1998. Its organizers aim to present to a wide audience the best documentary films from Canada and the entire world. It is worth mentioning that last year in the international medium-length film competition the film by Jakub Stożek "Out of  reach" received a special mention.


More information on the RIDM festival’s official website.