Aga Borzym's debut film will have its international premiere at one of the most important documentary festivals in the world. The film has been invited to one of its competitions.

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam is the largest and one of the most important documentary festivals in the world. It attracts over 280,000 attendees every year, including 3000 guests from the documentary industry while the films shown at IDFA often become festival favourites later. This year IDFA will be held on 8–19 November.

Girls’ Stories by Aga Borzym has been invited to the IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary. 

Seemingly nothing happens, but there are so many changes. Jagoda and Zuzia are friends from the neighbourhood. They meet at the local square. Sometimes they go for ice cream or to the playground. And they always have a lot to talk about. Being a girl is a special experience, and they are just entering adolescence. Biology, hormones, pimples, first rebellion, first love. The first period – when will it come? Will they be different afterwards? Grownups aren’t always able to give support or provide answers. And the girls see more and more. School absurdities, unwanted rules, dilemmas to be solved. Jagoda and Zuzia are great commentators: defiant, ironic, independent, scared. With a great appetite for life! They introduce us to the “girlish”’ world that every woman remembers and every boy who watches the film will finally be able to discover.

You can find out more about the festival here.